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Summer classes @ Herrontownwoods every Friday mornings
starting in August 
Sign-up now :)


Grow little gardener

For families who wish to develop their vegetable garden and who are curious about the environment

Currently offering:

-kids classes at Herrontownwoods in partnership with FOHW

-Free on-site yard consultation in the Princeton NJ area
Do you want to turn some of your lawn into a vegetable garden or a 
meadow of native flowers? It is now a great time to think about it!
During this 1 hour free consultation,
we'll discuss about your wishes for your garden and assess your site. Based on this, you'll get a proposition on how we can work together.
I am looking forward to help families with kids who want to get involved in the process.

WANTED: daycare willing to run a gardening program for preK kids spring 2024
I'd like to help a daycare center around Princeton NJ willing to set up a veg & flower garden and to give gardening classes to PreK kids 
starting in spring 2024. I am already doing it this year and I love it. Please contact me to learn more. 

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