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Parents reviews

We had a lot of fun. Erik keeps telling me what goes into compost.

Tomasz, Erik and Martin's dad


Adélaïde, Theodora's mom

It was super interesting to see the eggs, the caterpillars (alive!) at different stages of development and the chrysalis in real life! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a book that Theodora already loved, but being able to access the story “for real” changes everything! We learned to recognize the plants on which we can look for eggs and caterpillars and Theodora was delighted with her monarch painting. In short, a big thank you to you Mathilde for this beautiful workshop which allows toddlers to develop the link with nature.

Danni, Franklin's mom

Here is a short video of our workshop yesterday. Very happy to see that children have this chance to discover nature using different sensations. A big thank you to Mathilde for this great initiative! We had a lot of fun ! Looking forward to participating in a new session.

The very hungry caterpillar workshop
The little Prince and his rose

I am Caroline, mother of 4 children. My eldest celebrated her 8th birthday with her friends. Mathilde came to organize an activity around the theme of the little prince. She first told the story with a few sets and then the children became the little prince. They painted pots and then planted rose cuttings in them. They returned home delighted with their rose cuttings which grow week after week. Thank you very much for the whole organization and for providing an educational activity that made sense and was fun at the same time. 

Caroline, mother of Camille (8), Louis (6), Max (4) and Lucie (2)

Capture d’écran 2021-09-29 à 15.17_edited.jpg
Nature hikes on themes: Spy the spotted lantern fly, mushrooms & monarchs

Na Li, Phil's mom

It had been a wonderful time my son and I spent our summer vacation and weekends with Mathilde Burlion and her 3 gorgeous kids. It had always been a horrible experience that my kid was given too much screen time. I’d been always struggling and fighting off screen times for my son. Fortunately, we met and befriended with Mathilde Burlion. She led us to the charming Nature! We were really engaged and into the activities with her and her kids. 
From the trip of milkweed seed collection with Mathilde, Me and my son learned that the most recognizable and beautiful Monarch butterflies are in trouble due to our climate change. Now even my 6-year-old son really is keeping in his mind that planting milkweeds and reducing pesticide use could be helpful to our lovely Mornarch butterfly. 
With Mathilde, We indeed learned that Spotted Lanternfly, which is an invasive planthopper native to Asia, is causing trouble! Spotted lanternfly destroy economically plants causing billions of dollars loss each year! Now me and my 6-year-old son know that if we see spotted lanternfly, he would smash, squeeze and kill it to protect our feeding plants. 
The Mushroom Identification walk organized by Mathilde helped us to tell different categories of mushroom family. We even tried to differentiate mushrooms, which are edible or not, by spotting their gills, cap, stem…!
Those invaluable experiences prepared my son a real nature lover, an independent thinker. I believe that one day he definitely will be a responsible environmentalist! 
Thanks to Mathilde for her love of our nature and our kids of the future!

Na Li

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