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Why classes at Herrontownwoods?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

« In an age where many children are growing disconnected from nature, where farmland is being saturated with chemicals, where the global climate is unpredictable and extreme and where wild habitats are being replaced by urban development, our communities need creative and innovative leaders to change our world. We need children to learn and engage in a new land ethic that inspires Care for Self, Care for others, and Care for the land and cultivates new generations of change-makers and environmentally conscious global citizens. » The school garden curriculum by Kaci Rae Christopher

This quote resumes the « why » we want to launch Herrontownwoods classes. We want our kids to enjoy being outside in a real forest interacting with nature.

The classes will include activities the following frame:

  • Being in nature and nature art

  • Care for wildlife and wildlife observation

  • Be a botanist

  • Be a scientist

  • Build and play

  • Sustainability

  • Gardening: how to care for a garden

  • Cooking

I quote the book again: « When student goals are to observe, study patterns and complex relationships, ask questions, conduct experiments and learn from direct experience, they perceive the garden as an ecosystem and their wonder at the natural world is magnified. Youth garden should be created from the minds and hands of children, who build up the space and their ownership of it, rather than act as occasional visitors who perform stand-alone activities. For all adults, allowing wonder to thrive requires practice and letting go. »

It’s our vision for Herrontownwoods and the kids who will enroll in our great program.

It is the first time we will be offering this program. We are thrilled that the Friends of Herrontownwoods give us the chance to run it. We will have fun.


Classes are offered to preschool & elementary aged children.

Classes will be held on Fridays morning. We meet at the Barden (Botanical Art garden) and then we might go on a hike, or elsewhere in Herrontownwoods close to the Veblen house.

Preschool: 9.30-10.00 AM

Elementary: 10.30-11.30

Andrew, Herrontownwoods grounds keeper and I will be running the classes.

The presence of a parent is required during the class.

Price: $10/per class/ per participating child

You can sign up directly here

We hope to see you there

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