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Tell me about... classes at Herrontownwoods

I am feeling extremely grateful for the classes we had this morning at Herrontownwoods. It is all coming along.

I love Eric Carle’s book « The very hungry caterpillar » to learn in a very fun way what’s the butterfly life cycle is like. It’s a good way to introduce the fact that, no, caterpillars in the real life don’t just eat anything and for instance the Monarch caterpillar rely only and specifically on milkweed. (Therefore milkweed is a must-have plant in the home garden.)

Then we guess, how big a real egg was before looking at a real one. And we went around the garden to look for milkweed and for eggs.

There is an incredible life under the milkweed leaves. We didn’t spot monarch’s eggs but instead a crowd of milkweed tussock moth caterpillars!

Thank you kids for just being curious about life, not scared at all, just amazed by life.

A little crafty activity completed the session.

The big kids could enjoy the veg garden harvesting crops (tomatoes, purple pepper, herbs, arugula… ) and watering. They could paint the water barrel and the planters. And finally they started their own fall crops: kale, cabbage and spinach.

I can’t wait to follow up with you guys on how all these seeds are growing.

Give them light, and water (remember to weigh the containers) and moreover, give them love and they will be happy to feed you in return.

I was also so happy to share with you some home-made kale chips. It such a good way to enjoy that popular crop.

Next Friday, with the preschool kids, let’s learn about the different edible parts of plants and plant some carrots seeds in the garden.

With the bigger kids we are going to start some wood working in order to build bug houses.


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