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How to care for your potted strawberry plant?

You have transplanted a strawberry plant. If you care for it, it will recover. In this short article, learn how to care for your newly transplanted strawberry babe.

1 Leave it outside

Leave your plant outside if possible in a sunny location protected from frost and wind. It can be along a wall on the south side of the house. It is important to protect the plant from frost during its recovery (about 4 weeks after transplanting). If your plant can’t be protected from frost, you may gather it with other potted plants and cover them all with a veil for frost protection (also known as floating row cover). You may also transplant the plant in the garden. The soil will provide isolation from the frost. In a small planter, there isn’t enough soil for isolation. Instead, the planter can be wrapped with bubble wrap or you can set up a a fortress of dead leaves around the pot to keep it frost free.

2 Trim it

Remove dead brownish leaves. We don’t want to keep any dead/diseased material. Remove fruits until the recovery of the plant: The plant should send energy in growing roots rather than in producing fruits.

3 Water it

Water frequently until the recovery of the plant (at least for a month). It means: don’t let the potting mix dry out. You can feel if it’s drying out by weighing the planter. Does it weigh less than its weight when the plant is well watered? If yes, time to water! The plant is well watered once the potting mix is moist and water comes out by the drainage hole. Do not let water stand in the planter plate it would cause the roots to rot. If a frost is announced, delay watering after the frost or the water would freeze and it could damage the roots.

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