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Mushroom Play Date
December 29th at 10 AM


This workshop is dedicated to the fascinating world of mushrooms.


For who?

It is intended for PreK & K-2 kids accompanied by an adult. Feel free to bring a sibling who is bit younger or bit older.

What is the goal?

The aim of this workshop is to get to know mushrooms in general. Who are they? What role do they play in nature? Can we consider them as plants? How do they grow? Can we touch them? Eat them?

At the end of this workshop, you will no longer go to the forest as before. you will now be attentive to these curious creatures which are so important in our ecosystems.


This workshop is for you if

You are taking care of little children during this holiday period and you are looking to do a fun indoor activity with them that has to do with nature.


What to expect:

During the workshop we will:

  • Have a story time on the life cycle of mushrooms to get to know them better

  • Take a closer look and handle real edible mushrooms (Some should be home grown, I'll do my best to have a mushroom flush to show at the time of the workshop)

  • Create our own fungus with kid-friendly materials such as straw and, wool and play-dough.

  • "Smurfs" story time

Contact me to register

Who am I?


My name is Mathilde Burlion, mother of 4 children aged 9 to 1. My wish is to raise kids awareness to a sustainable future. I offer nature and gardening workshops for children accompanied by an adult. Children get to know their surroundings better through fun stories and activities that leave them great memories.

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How many children will be there?

I keep the group sma small: 6 children max so that we have a good experience


How much does it cost and what does the price cover?

The price is $10 for one child $5 for siblings. It covers the material and a little bit of my babysitter.


Where will it take place?

Either my home or your home if it is something that would work for you. If you are interested in hosting the workshop please let me know, try to gather one or two other families to get 6 kids and the workshop will be free for you.


I would like to organize the workshop, I have 6 children ready to participate including my children, but we would like another date, can we do it?

Yes, please contact me to see if your date works for me too.

How long is the workshop ?

It lasts around 1 hour.

How to register ?

Just contact me

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