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Join Us to Unearth the Secrets of Composting!

Are you ready to dive into the art and science of creating excellent compost in a fun and engaging workshop? Get ready for a day filled with amusing stories, the discovery of the perfect compost recipe, a firsthand exploration of real compost, and a delightful artistic project that captures everything we'll learn throughout the session.

What to Expect:

Fun and Educational Stories: We'll kick off the workshop with entertaining stories that make composting come alive.

Cracking the Compost Code: Discover the essential ingredients and techniques that go into creating top-notch compost.

Hands-On Compost Exploration: Get your hands dirty as you explore real compost. Don't worry, children are welcome to handle it without gloves, but feel free to bring a pair if you prefer.

Express Your Creativity: To seal your composting knowledge, engage in a small artistic project that vividly illustrates the concepts learned during the workshop.

Every child is encouraged to bring a bucket filled with vegetable peelings, a tangible reminder of our composting journey.

Join us for an interactive and enriching experience as we unravel the magic of composting in a playful and hands-on way!


Mathilde Burlion

I'm Mathilde Burlion, a proud mother of five wonderful children, ranging in age from 11 to 1. My deepest aspiration is to instill in children a profound understanding of the path to a sustainable future. To achieve this, I extend a warm invitation to join me in a series of nature and gardening workshops tailored for children. Together, we are sowing the seeds of awareness and nurturing a generation that is well-equipped to shape a brighter, more sustainable future.

Mathilde Burlion
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